A Sustainable Event


EuroSkills 2016 has the vision that we should be a role model and a pioneer in sustainability in Skill Competitions in a global perspective. We want to be part of the move towards more sustainable vocational competitions! The event aims to provide lasting benefits both locally, regionally and nationally. We want to strengthen young people’s confidence and provide the conditions for a future in a sustainable career!

Among other things this means that the event’s impact on the environment should be minimized and that we will contribute positively to the community, our stakeholders and the local economy. In other words, sustainable an all aspects – environment, people, economy and society.

Environmental Diploma

Euroskills are proud to be an event awarded an Environmental Diploma. The Environmental Diploma means that EuroSkills will meet 50 environmental requirements of the City of Gothenburg and the Swedish Miljöbas force including transport, waste, procurement and energy. To make such a sustainable event as possible, think and we work on the basis of our focus areas.

  • Knowledge, dreams and aspirations
  • Welcoming, open and inclusive
  • Management of resources and waste
  • Climate change/carbon reduction
  • Legacy

Some of our efforts in these areas are:

The Visitors

  • Over 100 Career Counselors, and staff from the Employment Service participates as guides at EuroSkills. This ensures a continuation of the work with supporting vocational training after the event.
  • Young inspired by competitors, both from his own country, but also by other young people from across Europe and around the world. They see the possibilities, the pride and joy of vocational training.
  • Guided tours in other languages. Through cooperation with the Employment Service, we offer groups living in Sweden not yet understanding the language to learn more about the competitions, the importance of education and the opportunities a vocational training can provide.
  • A Teacher’s Guide has been developed together with the GR SUtbildning och The National Agency for Education to give schools and students a good visit.
  • Career Trees depicting all possibilities in each Skill have been developed to increase the visibility of vocational education programs opportunities.

The Food

  • Water – We serve no bottled water. Around the Swedish Exhibition Centre you can find water stations, and the contestants are equipped with bottles that they can use throughout the competition. Transport and bottling is an unnecessary environmental impact we can easily avoid.
  • Vegetarian options. There is always at least one vegetarian option in all food service at the Exhibition Centre during the event.

The Arena

  • Swedish Exhibition Centre’s work with waste world leading in terms of trade fairs and events of the size EuroSkills.
  • The All under one roof-concept. We will save many transports by having all competitions, meetings, opening and closing ceremonies as well as the athletes and experts in place in the hotel with direct access to the fair.
  • Public transport. Korsvägen/Liseberg is a hub of light rail, buses and trams, which makes it easier for all visitors to get to the premises with minimal environmental impact.
  • The Swedish Exhibition Centre. The entire event’s electricity use comes through wind power and is 100% renewable.

These are some of the areas that we are working with, and there are many more.

We would also like to thank our partners that help us in the Sustainability areas as well.

Thanks you!