Everyone has a talent! EuroSkills gives you the opportunity to try out different occupations and find out where your own talent lies.

There will be young professionals and vocational advisers on hand to answer your questions. Come along and discover your talents!

Find your talent at EuroSkills!!



Design and print your own 3D figurines.

Organiser: Autodesk.


Do you want to learn to paint nails like a professional?

Try to make stylish nail lacquer with the help of esthetician students.

Organizer: SHR.


As a mason you must be accurate. Can you read a drawing?
Try it and see!

Organizer: Byggnadsindustrins yrkesnämnd.


DO you have a future in the motor business?

Tra car painting or make a stop in the motor shop.

Organiser: Transportföretagen.


Curious on how to build a phone? Learn and solder for your self.

Organiser: Teklab


Smart? Quick? Curious? Give yourself a challenge in plumbing, electronics & heating.

Organiser: Installatörsföretagen & VVS-Branschens Yrkesnämnd


Do you have what it takes to control a excavator? Try for yourself!

Organiser: Byggnadsindustrins


Learn about swedish textile.

Organiser: TEKO.


Creating a floor can be quite a puzzle – Can you solve it?

Organizer: Construction Skills Sweden

Are you curious about the florist profession?
Try and make your own floral work. You can also become part of the decor by helping to create a pattern.
Organizer: Almåsgymnasiet Florist.


Curious about hairdressing? Compete or test your creativity here! The industry needs you!!

Organiser: Frisörföretagarna i samarbete med IdHAIR och Burgårdens utbildningscentrum.


Health and social care requires professional skill.

Try what it means here.
Organizer: SKL, Vårdföretagarna, Kommunal.


Try working as a service technician at our stations on EuroSkills!
An industry of the future with plenty of jobs and with multiple career opportunities.

Organizer: Volvo and Scania together with teachers and students .


Test your knowledge in plants and natural stone. What is the name of the plant? What rock is that? Give putting cobblestones a try!
Organiser: Landscaping (STAF)


Connect and control various components of air (pneumatic). Connect right according to the schedule and win a small prize!

Control Robotino with the controller on our test track. How do the automatic soap bubble machine work?

Organizer:  FESTO.


Make your own heat candlestick. Be a tinsmith – an industry with plenty of jobs and a bright future.

Organiser: Plåt- och Ventföretagen.


How easy is it to follow a line with a brush? Try!
Challenge our painting participants at painting.

Organizer: Sätt färg på Göteborg, Målarbranschen.


Cook? Hotel receptioning? Event manager? Tuorist guide? Try it all here!

Organiser: Visita.


How big is a soda? Are you measuring it right?
Try the measuring tool and see how close you are.


Be part of creating Euroskills coolest wall art!

Try wall tiling here!

Organiser: Byggnadsindustrins yrkesnämnd.


Try welding – simulation and traditional welding.



Dress up a mannequin and photograph your styling and upload the picture on

The ten best entries will win two movie tickets.

Organiser:  Handelsrådet


Seminars and key note conference

A Keynote Conference will be held during EuroSkills for Members of WorldSkills Europe and invited guests. This is scheduled for Friday 2nd December.

We will also be offering “Corporate Safaris” to important/interesting companies and enterprise clusters in the Gothenburg area.

Thursday – December 1st

13.00-14.00 Vocational training in a digital world
Where: R6, Swedish Exhibition centre
Hosted by Lin Education

Today the working life is digitalized fast and the Vocational Training must follow to be able to respond to business requirements and prerequisites. Kristoffer Hedram gives you an overall picture of the digitalization of society and working life, and how this affects the vocational education and how it needs to keep up with this development.

Kristoffer Hedram works at Lin Education as project manager for Products and Digital learning and has under the last years been involved in developing products to the vocational programs within the Swedish schools.

Download the full program for the WorldSkills Europe Leaders Forum Day here.


Friday December 2nd is the ”WorldSkills Europe Leaders Forum Day” with the overall theme ”Skills in the future”. The aim is to experience and discuss skills in a future perspective regarding strategies and initiatives to create a good balance between supply and demand sides in the labour market.
A crucial challenge to secure competiveness among industry and success for individuals in their careers.


9.30-10.15 Morning Seminars
Official partners Festo, 3M and Volvo will in parallel forums present their views on skill demands and needs in a future perspective within their areas of interest. There will be opportunities for questions and discussions.

Future Challenges 
Cecilia Nesser, Vice President Human Resources, Volvo

“Dirty hands or clean hands? – the demand for more sustainable solutions”
Rich Miles, European Business Manager, 3M

Preparing people for the work in dynamic and complex industrial environments
Stefan Johansson, Training and Consulting, Festo Didactic

11.00-12.15 WorldSkills Europe Leaders Forum (plenar)
Opening by  Anna Ekström, Minister for Upper Secondary School and Adult Education and Training from the Swedish Government.

Key note speakers

”Skills for the future – in the age of smart machines”
Stefan Fölster, Director of the Reform Institute and Associate Prof in economics at the Royal Institute of Technology, in Stockholm.

He is the author of numerous books and articles on labour markets, education and other topics. His book “The public wealth of nations” (Palgrave/Macmillan) was listed by the Economist and Financial Times as one of their “Best books of the year 2015”. In recent years his research has increasingly focused on the effects of digitalization on labour markets and living standard. He has recently published a Swedish book on the “Robot revolution”, and another book is forthcoming on “Future Jobs”.

”Labour skills migration – for growth and prosperity”
Paul Lewis, Board Director for Global Skills Development at City & Guilds

City&Guilds is a leading skills development organisation with officies around the world supporting training providers, employers and trainees. In his presentation Mike will focus on the highly topical issue regarding global patterns and challenges of migration and its impact on nations, employers and inidividuals. He will share results from a new research study about employer perception of migration and its impact on business.

Closing remarks by Hubert Romer, President of Worldskills Europe

12.30 -14.00 Special Guest Luncheon
Representation from the Swedish government and Euroskills2016 organizing partners.

14.00-15:30 On request guided tour at the venue.

16.15-17.00 Afternoon Seminars
(Same as in the morning.)

Registration for the Leaders Forum day is available here.
Participation fee is 950 SEK (incl. tax), lunch included.

WorldSkills Russia’s conference event EuroSkills 2016

THEME: Skills for Industry 4.0

FORMAT: Opening presentation and World Café discussion

DATE: 3 of December, Saturday, 2 – 5 pm

LOCATION: Gothia Towers, room 22-23, Tower 1, plan 2

PARTICIPANTS: Industrial Partners (3M, Autodesk, Festo, DMG Mori, Volvo, Lincoln Electric, Scania, Siemens, Festool, Schneider Electric etc.) and advanced educators (engineering and TVET Education) invited to participate.

ORGANIZER: WorldSkills Russia

DESCRIPTION: Industry 4.0 focuses on the end-to-end digitization of all physical assets and complex digital ecosystems integration with value chain partners encompassing a broad spectrum of technologies. Bringing a whole lot of opportunities, these changes raise questions we need to answer: what kind of people do we need for this new economy to emerge? What do they need to know and how do they need to act in order to thrive in these changing conditions? How can we address these challenges?

November 1-2, during WorldSkills Hi-Tech Competition a piloting session on Future Skills for the Industry 4.0 was organized to seek answers for these questions.

During the session in Göteborg we will share the results and invite you to verify and amplify them.


Part 1. 2 – 3 pm. Welcoming coffee. During the opening presentation we will introduce you the Future Skills project as a whole and results of the foresight session focusing on the skills for Industry 4.0. Key trends, technologies, soft and hard skills.

Part 2. 3 – 4 pm. World Café group discussions. We invite participants to verify the results of the work done and to provide additional input:

  • What technological and social trends will have the greatest impact on the labour market for Industry 4.0?
  • How will work processes in the industrial sectors change? What new knowledge and skills will be required? What skills will become obsolete?
  • What changes can we expect for a workplace and how will it change the skill sets?
  • What changes in education and training do we need to introduce to match the demand for new skills?
  • Which Future Skills for Industry 4.0 can we introduce?

Part 2. 4 – 5 pm. Wrap up. Special attention will be paid to the identification of the future steps, allowing the introduction of emerging skills for coming Industry 4.0 as demo skills for WSI/EuroSkills Competition. The results of the foresight sessions will be used in Abu Dhabi 2017 and Kazan 2019 demo skills and Conference Programme, as well as for the transformation of educational and training programs.

To participate in the event please confirm your intention to Ekaterina Loshkareva, Lead Manager WSC Kazan 2019 Conference Programme, Adviser to the WSR General Director (, +1 (540) 449-5118) ASAP, till 29 of November.

Learn more about the future of skills!

Arena and Event Map

Site map, arena, event area and Gothia Towers.

Opening and closing ceremonies

Wednesday – November 30th
The official Opening and Closing Ceremony will be in the Scandinavium Arena. Scandinavium Arena is under the same roof as the event venue and hotel. The arena is big and has plenty of seats for everyone interested in taking part in the ceremonies.

  • Opening Ceremony, 30 November, at 19:30

Individual tickets can be ordered from

Europe’s  young gather in Gothenburg to see who are the best at their professions!

Take part of the young Competitor’s expectations and joy at the EuroSkills Opening Ceremony. The ceremony is a show full off energy and an electric atmosphere that will be a memory for life!

After the flag parade and presentation of the participants we will experience entertainment, music, dancing and DJ beats together creating a unique atmosphere.

The stars of the event are all competing nations and during the evening they share the stage with 50 dancers from the Ballet Academy. Under the direction of conductor Ulf Wadenbrandt we will hear a symphony created by epic music elements and cool DJ beats.

The Nights finale highlights the joy and friendship amongst the Competitors in the Scandinavium Arena together with three superb singers: Sophia Jung, Mia Stegmar and Alexander Strandell.

The EuroSkills Opening Ceremony will be a night to remember!

Reserve your seat today!

Sunday – December 4th 


  • Closing Ceremony, 4 December, at 18:30

Individual tickets can be ordered from

A spectacular finish where we crown the winners and reward the other participants who made EuroSkills possible.
The evening will be a fantastic experience where we will see the Competitors’ nerves and concentration turn into joy, relief and exhilaration! All accompanied by dance and song performances suiting a European Championship!

Do not miss the Closing Ceremony of the largest professional competition for the first time take place in the Nordic region.

Guided tours in additional languages

During the Competition there will be guided tours in arabic, dari, somali, tigrinja and persian. 
First come first served, limited . The tours are starting at Arbetsförmedlingens booth B03:09.

The times are:

  • Thursday 1/12 & Friday 2/12:
    13.00 (arabic, persian, tigrinja)
    14.00 (somali, dari)
  • Saturday 3/12:
    10.00 (arabic, persian, tigrinja)
    11.00 (somali, dari)
    13.00 (arabic, persian, tigrinja)
    14.00 (somali, dari)

More on info in additional languages can be found here.

Corporate Safaris

Corporate Safari –  VOLVO TRUCKS  – Euroskills 2016

Volvo Trucks works according to three core values; quality, safety and environmental care. Join us at the truck production plant and see how this is done in practice. Volvo Trucks has the largest production in Europe and is well ahead with the work focusing on sustainability and recycling.

Maximum: 40 pax

Please note – no show-fee is 350 SKR per person

Time: Thursday 1dec kl 09.00 – 12.10 (including bus transport)
Place: Business Region Gothenburg Exhibition stand  ( B02:22) at Euroskills , Svenska Mässan, Gothenburg

09.00 Gathering at Business Region Gothenburg exhibition stand (B02:22) at Euroskills
09.20  Bus leaves from Svenska Mässan
09.50 Arrival Volvo Trucks, Tuve at Hisingen
10.00 Start guided tour at the fabric train (45 min)
10.45 Discussion at the conference venue:
What kind of supply of competence are there?
What resourses are needed?
What does the skills supply look like in the future?

11.30 End at Volvo Trucks
11.40 Bus leaves for Svenska Mässan
12.10 Back at  Svenska Mässan/Euroskills

Single Signup – Volvo Trucks
Group Signup – Volvo Trucks

Corporate Safari –  RENOVA  – Euroskills 2016

Meet Renova – the waste management company that early on tries to make students conscious of environmental and sustainability issues – for example through its’ own environmental school. What do they think about the future and what possibilities do they see for further environmental work? Join us for a guided tour at Renova and see the company from the inside!

Maximum: 40 pax

Please note – no show-fee is 350 SKR per person

Time: Friday 2 dec kl 09.10 – 12.00 (including bus transport)
Place: Business Region Gothenburg Exhibition stand  ( B02:22) at Euroskills , Svenska Mässan, Gothenburg

09.10 Gathering at Business Region Gothenburg exhibition stand (B02:22) at Euroskills
09.30  Bus leaves from Svenska Mässan
09.50 Start at Renova, Von Utfallsgatan (alt Holmen)

Welcome . 10 min

Showing vehicles of Renova  40 min

Guided tour of the plant   40 min

Gathering with swedish ”fika”. Questions, material, exhibition material of Renova.

Presentation of the working force of Renova – what kind of qualifications needs? 30 min

11.30 End at Renova
11.40 Bus leaves for Svenska Mässan
12.00 Back at  Svenska Mässan/Euroskills

Sign up Renova (Single).
Sign up Renova(Group).

Corporate Safari –  VOLVO CARS     – Euroskills 2016

At its’ Brand Experience Center, Volvo Cars demonstrates how they work with innovation, safety and design etc. How does a global company within the automotive industry develop these areas and at the same time supporting the environmental perspective? Don’t miss the opportunity to ask questions and see what competences that will be needed in the automotive industry in the nearby future.

Maximum: 40 pax

Please note – no show-fee is 350 SKR per person

Time: Friday 2 dec kl 09.00 – 12.00 (including bus transport)
Place: Business Region Gothenburg Exhibition stand  ( B02:22) at Euroskills , Svenska Mässan, Gothenburg

09.00 Gathering at Business Region Gothenburg exhibition stand (B02:22) at Euroskills
09.20  Bus leaves from Svenska Mässan
09.50 Start at Volvo Brand Experience Center, Torslanda
10.00 Start guided tour – Volvo Brand Experience Center (in english)
11.30 End at Volvo
11.40 Bus leaves for Svenska Mässan
12.10 Back at  Svenska Mässan/Euroskills

Sign up Volvo Cars (Single).
Sign up Volvo Cars (Group).

Liseberg backstage

Are you curious about the careers available at Liseberg? On December 3, you get a chance to make a unique visit behind the scenes of Liseberg, the Nordic region’s largest amusement park.

You will be able to take a closer look at one of three areas: Service, Restaurant or Technics and Joinery. Backstage tours start at 10.00, 10.30 and 11.00 and takes about 45 minutes. Interested? Talk to Liseberg in their booth B03: 03 at the Swedish Exhibition Centre in Euroskills.

Learn more about Liseberg at